About Us

About Us

The name Tai Feng Wei comes from 
Tai (台湾 Taiwan) + Feng (豐富 Abundance) + Wei (融合味 Fusion Taste) which relates to Abundance of Taiwanese Fusion Flavours
Tai Feng Wei strives to innovate and embrace flavours of the world with the intention of cooking up dishes that every customer can enjoy. Our chefs' passion and happiness in cooking every dish with joy reflects how much our customers will enjoy our food and finish with a smile. 

Started in 2014 at NUS Prince George’s Park,  we pride ourselves in continuous learning and adjusting the taste of our food to suit the preferences of patrons in the area. 

台豐味的名字源自于:台(台湾) + 豐(豐富) + 味(融合味) ,意味着台湾美食拥有着丰富



台豐味起源于2014年,在新加坡国立大学的 Prince George’s Park开始营业。为了满足顾客的味蕾,我们不断的调整食物的味道,也为此感到自豪。